Maid To Be Green

After much deliberation, it is with a heavy heart that Sean and I have decided to close Maid to be Green effective immediately. Over the past year we have struggled to keep our employees working and fight the challenges of the COVID pandemic. Unfortunately, we could not sustain the fight any longer.

We have enjoyed serving you for the past few years and have made amazing relationships with each of you. From the bottom of our hearts, we are so thankful for you being nothing less than amazing.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you, but please understand this was one of the hardest decisions we’ve ever had to make.

Over the next few days, the rock stars that have made Maid to be Green may reach out to you and offer to continue your services on a personal level. While the company may close, the spirit remains.

Thank you again for allowing us the opportunity to grow and thrive over the years. Never underestimate the impact you can have on a small business.


April and Sean Esler